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NSF Maths grant for climate statistics

My colleague Ansu Chatterjee (UMN Statistics) and I just learned that the National Science Foundation has awarded a three-year grant under their Division of Mathematical Sciences.

Under the terms of the award, Ansu and I will experiment with new ways to tease apart changes in Earth's climate system across space and time. Several of Ansu's graduate students in Statistics have been experimenting with climate observations, proxy data (including tree rings) and climate model output, and this new award will give us the chance to put a range of statistical techniques through their paces. 

From my perspective, I love being able to collaborate with statisticians who are genuinely interested to understand the underlying physical systems that generates climate observations. And I think my community (paleoclimatologists, me included) will really benefit from the opportunity to work with experts in statistical tools and techniques.

The full details about this award can be found online through NSF's Award Search tool, or directly through this link.

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