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Magazine issue on decadal climate variability

Joint issue of CLIVAR Exchanges and Past Global Changes Magazine reviews ongoing research on decadal variability and predictability

I'm one of the co-editors of a joint issue on decadal climate variability just released by CLIVAR Exchanges and the Past Global Changes Magazine. This issue is a product of a 2015 meeting organized by CLIVAR and PAGES that was held in Trieste, Italy. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be there in person, but I was given the opportunity to help organize the issue as part of my service to the PAGES 2k network. The other editors of the joint issue were Yochanan Kushnir (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) and Christophe Cassou (CERFACS), along with Nico Caltabiano (CLIVAR) and Lucien von Gunten (PAGES), who are the regular editors of both magazines.

The study of Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability (DCVP) is the interdisciplinary scientific enterprise to characterize, understand, attribute, simulate, and predict the slow, multi-year variations of climate on global and regional scales (Kushnir et al., 2017)

The issue's articles examine decadal climate variability in observations, proxies, and models, and take stock of this behavior at regional and global scales. The issue also includes a contribution by my collaborator Toby Ault, who explains our approach to reconciling sometimes divergent perspectives on decadal variability as part of our NSF-funded 'megadrought' project. Here's a snapshot of the full Table of Contents:

You can grab the full issue (high- or l0w-resolution versions) at the CLIVAR and PAGES websites. The individual issues are also available for download as separate PDFs.

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